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501 wine (six bottles)

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501 wine is made from Nebbiolo grapes.


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The 501 wine comes from the nebbiolo grapes that grow in the sunny and windy area of Maroggia, in pedemonte, in ancient vineyards built by our ancestors and called Berlina, Vignascia, Vigna del Signur. The vineyards are situated on sandy and steep terrain, where the roots of the vines are forced to go deep into the earth to find nourishment. The microclimate of this area is unique and can be recognised in the plants, the leaves, the fruit and consequently the wine that is produced.

The choice of using biodynamic agriculture comes from a deep respect for these vines and their characteristics: work on these lands is done by hand, through activities that try to help and enhance the vine’s capacity to express itself in its fruits. During winter we work on gentle pruning, that helps to avoid the dire consequences of more forceful cuts and helps keep the vines healthy.
In winter we also follow the footsteps of our ancestors and dig the soil between the vines in order to let air through, break up the superficial roots and strengthen the deeper ones, those which ensure the longevity and health of each plant and capture the diversity of the soil that is then transmitted to the leaves and fruits.

In late spring, so end of april/beginning of march, we begin the treatments against possible disease: we use the traditional copper and sulphur, but also herbal teas which enhance the natural capacity of the vines to react independently to disease (valerian against the cold climate, nettle for balance, horsetail against moulds, propolis to heal and strengthen the plants’ immune system).

Throughout the year we spread the biodynamic substances at appropriate times: 500, also known as manure horn which helps to call in earthworms which create humus and fertilize the soil; 501 or silic horn, for which our wine is named, distributed by hand with an atomizer over the plants so it can deposit as a thin veil that helps capture light and ripen the fruits homogeneously.

During spring and summer we cut the grass by hand, cutting every other row so that the plants and micro-fauna that live around them can remain healthy. In this way we guarantee the survival of the insect population as we don’t eliminate their natural habitat. We can count about fifteen different plants and flowers that grow between our vines, and this is a very good indication of the health of the soil.
Every year we deposit straw made from our own cereal cultivation between the vines, so that the plants receive protection from weeds and gain new flora in their soil, which will then be used as green manure.

Harvest is a time of celebration for us, as we reap the fruits of our loving care of the vineyards. We harvest in full respect of the delicate fruits that will give life to a unique wine each year.

We transport the grapes to the cellar in Bianzone, where the expert wine maker Marcel Zanolari turns them into wonderful wine. The grapes are first stemmed and macerated for a few days, until natural fermentation begins, which lasts two to three weeks. Fermentation occurs submerged so as to have a minimum impact on the vinification process, which occurs as naturally as possible. The produce is then pressed a low pressure and the last refinement, which lasts a few months, happens in amphorae. The choice of amphorae for our wine was made for two reasons: firstly our earth is rich in silicon and the amphora exalts this mineral aspect that makes the wine unique. Secondly, these amphorae follow the golden proportion and this aspect, which is often seen in nature, maintains an almost divine connection with nature itself. This aspect is further amplified by the choice of playing music that follows this proportion in the cellars, such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart.

For us agriculture also holds an important social aspect of collaboration and union between people: in order to transmit this to our wine we have decided to use 1 liter bottles, which invite sharing, dining together, keeping the wine for communal moments and using it with other people on our life journey.
In order to enable this wine to express its perfumes and tastes, rich in the characteristics of the microclimate in which it originated, we suggest to leave it to decant for 3 or 4 hours at room temperature before drinking; alternatively you can use the decanter for natural wines (Ovarius).

For this unique product we have asked the DOCG and we limit our production to 1150 bottles.
Following our life philosophy, we have chosen to give each bottle a price that reflects the product created and all that happens around it, and we have decided to add a symbolic fee for the glass that can be claimed upon returning it. The aim is to raise awareness on the recycling of glass, not just by using recycling bins, but by returning the bottle to its original use so that it can be washed and refilled again.

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