WHY Share our Break...

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The Purpose of ShareOurBreak

Share our Break was born from a strong wish to support the local community in which we live. Valtellina is a rural area in the alps where working the soil is particularly hard – many jobs are still done by hand. The area also has a strong feeling for tradition and we want to do our best to help preserve this too.

mondora.com, an IT company, wants to help and support local organic farmers, who we deeply respect for their hard work and the great care they take of the land and soil. With Share our Break we want to help farmers make a living from their delicious and high quality products – and give all our customers the possibility to enjoy and share these local healthy foods.

Spread the word and Share our Break! Help us in our efforts to support local organic farms by sending your customers these delicious products – each box comes with special instructions on how they too can share a break with the people they care for. Give it a try! Send a break to three of your customers, they will love you for it!


  • Marcel Zanolari
    Marcel Zanolari

    Marcel is a biodynamic farmer that specialises in wine production. He believes in respecting nature and in restoring vitality and vigour to the earth, rather than depleting it like most farmers do.

    His vineyard is located in Bianzone, in Valtellina and his love of nature enables him to produce wonderful wine in this harsh area.

    The diligence of Marcel Zanolari and his father Giuliano permitted the vineyard to grow to 10 hectares of cultivated land with Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot nero, Pinot Bianco, Traminer.

  • Luca Biscotti Folini
    Luca Biscotti Folini Il Ghiro

    Luca is a biodynamic farmer from Valtellina who runs his own farm called Il Ghiro. Here he keeps bees and produces honey, as well as cultivating small fruits and medicinal herbs. All his products are ICEA organic certified. 

    Luca’s farm has 7 thousand m2 of lands which are cultivated exclusively with organic fertilizers and natural methods. These lands are situated in an uncontaminated territory with a strong biodiversity. Luca’s passion for nature and the soil has guided his work for many years.

  • Lucia Longoni
    Lucia Longoni Officina della Terra

    Lucia is a biodynamic farmer from Valtellina who runs l’Officina della Terra with her family.

    The farm is biodynamic certified and produces wine, but also corn – for flour and corn crackers – other cereals and vegetables. Lucia believes in respecting nature and the soil and only uses natural fertilizers.

    The farm’s vineyard is 8 thousand m2 and produces 1600 bottles of wine a year. Lucia’s wine is the one of the few organic wines of Valtellina.